Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hashtab extension helps to calculate file hash with different algorithms like crc32, md5, sha-1..,in terms of security u can use hashtab to check if a an application is modified(infected or cracked) or not downloaded correctly, by comparing between the hash code we found in our local file and the hash mentioned in the application's official website.

1-download hashtab and install it:
2-"the hashes" are in the file proprieties.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Due to data corrupt, icons in the notification area may become invisible,

Reset system tray icons, step by step:

1- Download CCleaner and install it:
2- open CCleaner, click Cleaner then check "Tray notification cache".

3- Click on “analyze button” then Run CCleaner.
4- Open the Taskbar: Alt+CTrl+Del.
5- End Explorer.exe process.

6- Click on file >> new task.

7-Type explorer.exe in the dialog box then click (OK) button.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

XBMC is an award-winning totally free and open source ( GPL ) program media player and entertainment center which can be installed on Linux , OSX , Windows , iOS , and also Android , presenting a 10-foot interface for usage with tvs and remote controls . It permits users to play and watch nearly all videos, tunes, and podcasts along with media digital data from local and network storage media and the net.

install XBMC and its (wheather/picture/video/Music/program)add-ons

1- Get your preferred system installer from and install it

2- Download the add-ons you want from: and put them in the same folder without extracting those zip files.

3- Move this folder to C://
ex: C://addons_folder/

4- Now, open XBMC and click on system.

5- Click on add-ons.

5- Click on install from zip file.

7- Select the folder where you put the add-ons, chose the add-on to install and click (ok). now the add-on is installed.

8- Keep pressing the "backspace button" to back to the main menu of XBMC.

9- Now you can find and use the installed program add-ons by clicking on programs, and the video add-ons by clicking on videos...etc

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Restoring Firefox to its default settings can solve most of "Firefox browser" related problems.
There is two ways to reset Firefox

Method (A):

1- Open Firefox.

2- In the menu bar click Help then troubleshooting information...

 3- Reset Firefox.

 4- Reset Firefox.(Done)


1- use safe mode:
there is many ways to start Firefox in safe mode, two of these ways are:
in command prompt tape this command "start firefox -safe-mode" the (Enter), or in Run dialog box tape this "firefox -safe-mode" then (OK), use these commands without quotes"".

2- Reset Firefox.


3- Reset Firefox, (done).

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the world of electronics, the word "brick" describes electronic devices that have a serious misconfiguration, corrupted firmware or a hardware problem, can no more function.

We can't call a device that have a problem we can easily solve a "bricked device" ,  such as a computer that needs only a format or a computer device that needs a bios upgrade or a driver to function.
Let’s say we tried to update the firmware of the bios or the HDD or any hardware, and this update is corrupted, that can cause a misconfiguration of these devices, and can no more function, because the firmware stored in the ROM is damaged; now we can talk about a bricked device.

Most of the time, updating a firmware is one of the most common causes that "brick" your device.
let’s say while firmware updating, you turned off your device, or you unplugged it from computer - if you update your device from computer"- there is a big chance to "brick" your device, this is what u need to avoid if you are updating firmware, that's why we see this kind of phrases during the upgrade "warning: DO NOT turn off the power switch...".

What u need to do if your device is bricked:

1-  use recovery mode, although this option is not available in all computers, specially the old ones, and for IPhones there is an alternative option called DFU MODE.

2- call your device manufacturer to repair or change your bricked device, if the problem is caused by an official firmware update...

3- JTAG method, it  is not simple for simple users but it's the best way to repair and store back the firmware back in the device ROM, it's advised to go to a specialist to carry of JTAG process

Remember: Be careful while doing firmware update...

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Security of a website can't reach 100%, hackers always find new vulnerabilities and they exploit it to attack systems and applications. But you can improve your website security and decrease the chances of getting hacked by following these advices.

For the webserver:

1- choose a web server in mac, mac have more security than Linux, Linux have more security than Windows.

2-if you have a personal server in your computer like big companies have more security than a host servers,

3-a website hosted in a virtual machine (VPS) have more security than a website hosted in a simple machine.

4-the operating system and the applications where the webserver is running, should always get last security updates.

5-the webserver should have antivirus and Anti-DDOS attack protection.

6-the webserver should have a firewall against malicious requests.

For the web application (script):

1- if u use a downloaded script, use the one that have good support and updates, and don't use a lot of (Add-ons, plugins, modules ,gadgets), less add-ons means less vulnerabilities.

2- if the web script is developed by you from zero, you need to know that bad programming means more vulnerabilities

3- your web script should be programmed to crypt passwords(md5,sha-1,DES...), and u have to use a hard password for your admin account.

4-the password of your admin account should be different than the (cpannel, ftp, phpmyadmin, mysql...) passwords.

5- change the path and the name of the website administration's folder, and if u have Cpannel you can give a password for this folder.

this needs also to modify some codes in your script

6-use a website vulnerability scanner, like Acunetix wvs or nikto... to know if your website is vulnerable to attacks like (sql injection, local file include, remote file include, authentication bypass, buffer overflow, XSS, CSRF...).

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wampserver is marked online, but his icon in notification area is orange, that's means there is a problem to connect to the appache server service, so u need to check httpd.conf file's settings in apache menu, but most of time if u didn't touch this file the problem is due to port conflict.

just close the application that uses the same port as apache(port 80),or change connection settings of this application, we are not talking here about browsers.

for example if you are running skype and you got this problem just follow this steps.

methode(A):1- close skype.


1- in the menu bar of skype click tools then options
2- in the skype options left side click advanced then connection.
3- uncheck "use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections.

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